You Want Your Screenplay Produced, But…

th1As some of you know, “The Script Mentor” is also a producer; owner and operator Shark-Eating Man Productions ( Currently, we are Executive Producers of “BLACK SALT”, a new martial arts action movie franchise that introduces the first minority action hero originally written as a lead character. Truly historic and ground-breaking stuff (please check out the highly successful Indiegogo campaign for more information at Yes, there is still plenty of time to contribute to that very worthwhile project, and don’t forget to mention that SEMP sent you!

As a result of our many successful collaborations and productions, rarely does a day go by where someone doesn’t email us or request a connection through one of the many social mediums. Their goal is to generate some sort of interest in their project. We receive loglines, concepts, “what if’s”, completed screenplays, and even some brilliantly crafted , complete production proposal packages ready for someone to finance and sign the dotted line.

What most people FAIL to include these is a question; THE question. As a result, most of these “requests” go unanswered. Why? Because there is nothing to answer. You’ve never ASKED THE QUESTION.

Stop and think. Have YOU even asked the question before?

That question is something along the lines of- “Can you help me?”

You might even try to ask “Would you be interested in collaborating on this project and help produce it?” At least that tells us your goal, what you are looking for, and what you hope to get in return.

I think you’d be surprised just how many people share their entire project, down to minute financial details, and yet forget to ask the main thrust of the entire conversation.

One reason they do this is out of fear; fear of rejection. I think in many cases this is done intentionally. In other cases, they probably believe it’s implied.

If only their screenplays had as much subtext.

As a rule, we try NOT to assume things, as it can lead to many embarrassing situations (as I remember that particular “woman” in Mexico back in my college days). I’m not going to “assume” that you want to ask us produce it, or you are looking for some sort of remuneration or support of the project. You are going to have to ask.

Why? Because it’s hard, that’s why. I’ve talked to so many people who say that they’ve been rejected time and again, by dozens, even hundreds of production companies, and want to know what they are doing wrong.

First of all, you’re going to get rejections- thousands of them. This can’t stop you from asking the question. If you don’t face up to the first challenge, it doesn’t bode well for you facing the hundreds of others waiting for you around the next corner.



One thought on “You Want Your Screenplay Produced, But…

  1. David Santo


    Grat article! I’m always amazed when I work with writers (and their pitch package) and they never think to finish their query with something simple like…

    May I send you my script?

    Thank you for your continued insight!

    All is good.



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