Client Seeks (2) Scripts For Production!

We are seeking TWO scripts for a fellow producer/client; A-list talent is ready and waiting!

One script should be a Western/Comedy or Western/Action film. This will have an OPEN budget.

The second script is budgeted at $3M. The client is seeking an Action/Comedy that can be shot in and around New Orleans. If your script is not specific about location (or if the setting is not particularly integral to the story), we would encourage you to submit it if it’s an action/comedy.

YOU: You should submit your title, a well-constructed logline, a professional query letter and one page synopsis- and let us know WHERE YOU SAW THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. Please attach a PDF of a minimum opening 10 pages of screenplay to be considered. The evaluation process will be based upon these items and these items only. You can forward submissions to In the subject section of your email, please include “(Title) as referred by SEMP”. Please include all contact information, including mailing address (see next).

US: Once the client determines those projects they wish to review, we will be sending out “submission packages”, snail-mailed to your physical address. The package will include an official request to review the completed screenplay and a signed release document to be signed and returned to the production company.

At that time, you will be given/have direct contact information with the client.

NOTE: Neither Shark-Eating Man Productions nor The Script Mentor are in any way affiliated with the client production company conducting this search.

This search will continue through the end of July. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

*Those who have been notified of a request to review material, and/or asked for mailing addresses, no need to re-submit, unless you have new scripts you want considered.

Thank you, and good luck!


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