WILDsound, SSU Updates!


Be advised that WILDsound has created at least two additional twitter addresses from which to recruit additional victims to the number of (questionable) contests they run. These new address include “1st Scene Contest” and “Writing Festival”. We’ve taken the liberty of blocking both Twitter addresses, for fear of excessive spamming.

SSU (Screenwriting Staffing Utopia) is currently running a “logline contest”. The prizes are completely insignificant, and they have no partnership with the companies they claim are providing FREE membership upon winning. They are simply going to pay for the membership out of their own pocket out of the funds they hope to collect.

Coincidentally, this “contest” runs through Christmas, which is a standard operating procedure for the company that ran another paid-entry contest last year, of which no winner was ever named. They also sold spots for a fictitious “pitch fest” last year at the same time, which also did not come to fruition.

One can conclude this is how they try to get Christmas money…and it’s that time of year!

Be careful of these continuing scams! Do NOT participate in any way ans should they reach out to you to “follow”, block them!


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