Welcome to River Oaks Film Studio!

Welcome to River Oaks Film Studio, a brand new film studio in Savannah, Georgia!

Georgia has seen a boom in film production since 2008 when new legislation offered 30 percent tax credits to production companies. In 2016, Savannah added a local film incentive that is offered on top of the state incentive to help grow the industry in the region. The film and television industry is responsible for more than 79,000 jobs, roughly $4 billion in wages and has helped bring 120 more films to Georgia in the last seven years (according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.) In 2015, the film and television industry was responsible for more than $58 million spend in the Savannah region.


River Oaks Film Studios will offer production companies different amenities including 6 sound stages that will house mill shops for the creation of props, office space for makeup and dressing rooms, and more. The space also boasts 29 ft. ceilings, silent air conditioning, sound proof studios and ample parking. It will also provide a base camp for crews, as well as truck parking with 24-hour security.

River Oaks Film Studios will provide over 150,000 sq. ft. of space where production companies can film television series and movies that may be more appealing and cost effective than larger cities like Hollywood, New York City, or even neighboring Atlanta.


What the studio offers now is only the first phase of the plans for the River Oaks Films Studios. A 100,000 sq. ft. space will become available toward the end of 2017, which will offer production companies a campus like setting with multiple buildings including all of the amenities of film studios in larger cities but more cost effective with tax incentives in place. The expansion will also further the stability for skilled workers to find full-time employment in the Savannah market by bringing in more jobs.


The studio is the brainchild of Rodney Dickey, a serial entrepreneur with thirty-five years of warehousing and operations experience. This newest business venture will also be a family affair as his two daughters will play vital roles in the success of River Oaks Film StudiosAllison, who has worked as a production assistant and in location management, has relocated from Los Angeles, and will act as liaison for the studio and the production companies. She will work with the writers and producers to find out their needs, and to be sure Savannah’s newest film studio responds to those needs. April, the eldest of his two daughters, is a publicist in Tennessee, and will provide the company publicity it needs to help Savannah’s film industry grow.

If you are a filmmaker in the southeast, or anywhere in the country looking for value and a professional location for your filmmaking needs, look no further than River Oaks Film Studio. They are currently scheduling shoots and events, so contact them as soon as possible through their website at https://www.riveroaksfilmstudios.com.

We look forward to working with them in the future!

(article edited; reprinted from website; photos property of River Oaks Film Studio)

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