GENO SCALAScreenwriter: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5346759/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1


BANKING ON BETTY* — action/comedy                                                                                                                                                                                        “The day before his wedding, an ex-con stunt driver is forced to drive a witness- the Godfather’s mother- cross country, dodging bullets, corrupt cops, and one very scorned lover.”

*winner – 2012 StoryPros Screenwriting Competition; Script Pipeline Competition
Semi-finalist – 2012 Screenwriting Goldmine; Bankable Scripts; Screenplay Festival; Quarter-finalist – 2012 Scriptapalooza

JUNIOR SIMPLE — family comedy
“When a village idiot accidently becomes a multi-millionaire, he fights to save his idyllic town – and his reputation – from a greedy land baron, planning to plow over both.”

HEART OF A MAN — drama
“In this sequel to “Scent of a Woman”, Charlie Simms crosses paths again with Col. Frank Slade, who requires Charlie’s services for one final life lesson.”

DEATH POOL — sci-fi/horror
“An ancient shark-like beast emerges from the seas and wreaks havoc in the pool-friendly confines of San Diego during Memorial Day weekend.”

DEATH POOL II: POOL SHARKS — sci-fi/horror
“Deadly land sharks emerge from the ocean and terrorize the pool-friendly confines of Los Angeles, targeting the Olympic swimming trials in Santa Monica.”

UNDEAD REDEMPTION — sci-fi/western
“When left for dead by his former gang, a reformed outlaw seeks to avenge the murder of his family after an Indian mystic “gifts” him eternal life.”

SECRET AGENT BOB — action/ comedy
“A doltish self-proclaimed ‘private eye’ accidently involves himself in an international spy ring with global implications.”

OLD FOGEYS — comedy                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Nursing home residents’ band together to battle a corrupt administrator, local thugs and greedy heirs in their efforts to retain their home, regain their youth, and reclaim the shuffleboard championship.”

– Mi iV (2012 TV series) (associate producer – 4 episodes)
– Depressing All the Wrong Buttons (2012) (assoc. producer)
– A Little Litigation (2012) (associate producer)
– Scourge of Wrath (2012) (associate producer)
– Pilot (2012) (associate producer)


  • I KNOW WHY THE DOGWOODS BLUSH — Bill Cain, author, Outskirts Press. Adapted to feature film, “THE NIGHT TERROR“, Shark-Eating Man Productions
  • DOVE OF WAR — Bill Cain, Outskirts Press
  • ROYAL FLUSH — Enmar Productions
  • THE AGENCY — Enmar Productions, TempleHeart Films



  • Three Lines or Less— screenwriting site/article series
  • Moviebytes— screenwriting site
  • The Story Department — screenwriting site, judge and content contributor
  • Script-To-Screen Network — screenwriter forum owner/moderator
  • Spec Television and Feature Film Concepts (STAFFCon)— screenwriter forum owner
  • Fade In: The Screenplay is the Beginning — screenwriter forum owner/moderator


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Zefred Zefred

    Regarding your wildsound thingies, just wanted to mention that I have received emails from them as early as 2007, all of them including Matt Toffolo and Jen Frankel (co creators), worked for them briefly as a script evaluator in 2007 or 08 (cant remember) and had a nice heated discussion with them about their practices (including heavy spamming and using fake profiles on social media) in these years too… 🙂

    1. thescriptmentor Post author

      Thank you for your input and your support on this topic. Their practices haven’t changed, despite Matthew insistence to the contrary. I’ve recently been “followed” by three different Wildsound Twitter accounts- all of which I’ve blocked, btw. I’ll be writing to you off-blog. Thanks again!

  2. Timothy Lantz

    Matt connected with me on Stage 32 last year and I entered their Log line and First ten pages contest. I did get a page of “notes” that was very clear from the start that they didn’t even read the ten pages I sent. A month ago, I was emailed by “Matt” that they were “Blasting out” my log line again, and of course asked for more money for various services, contests, etc. Lesson learned!


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